All details below are subject to change and not finalised.

Curve will be transitioning to a DAO to be fully decentralized with the help of the CRV token starting in the coming weeks and whilst most details about the token still aren't available, this guide does through everything known about CRV.

How to get CRV?

CRV will be awarded to liquidity providers. There won't be any public sale or ICO. All users who have provided liquidity on Curve will be awarded CRV retroactively from day 1 based on how long and how much they have provided liquidity to CRV for.

When will CRV be released?

Current release date is expected to be sometimes in August 2020.

What are the initial supply, circulating supply and total supply?

Please note those numbers are subject to change.

The total supply of 3.03b is distributed as such:

  • 62% to liquidity providers
  • 30% to shareholders with 2-4 years vesting
  • 3% to employees with 2 years vesting
  • 5% to the community reserve

The initial supply of around 1.3b (~43%) is distributed as such:

  • 5% to pre-CRV liquidity providers with 1 year vesting
  • 30% to shareholders with 2-4 years vesting
  • 3% to employees with 2 years vesting
  • 5% to the community reserve

The circulating supply will be 0 at launch and the initial release rate will be around 2m CRV per day.

The LPs, team and shareholders vesting happens every second.

What is CRV utility?

CRV is a governance token with time-weighted voting and value accrual mechanisms.

  • Governance with time-weighted voting
  • Value capture mechanism to promote certain pools
  • Locking mechanism to accrue rewards for long term liquidity providers
  • Fee burn (once enabled by governance further down the road)

If you wish to read early docs about the Curve DAO, please visit our Github docs at this address:

Will CRV be airdropped?

No. Liquidity providers will have to claim their CRV from

Where can I buy CRV?

If you aren't a liquidity provider but wish to buy CRV, it is likely to be available on the open market via various DEXes.

How do I know I have the right CRV when buying it on the open market?

The official token address will be available at release at this address:

Are investors and team members subject to a vesting period?

Yes, investors and team members will have a 2 to 4 years vesting period depending on their terms.

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