Matcha will be the suggested place to buy and sell CRV for the coming days. It will allow users to buy and sell CRV using limit orders to ensure all users can buy and sell CRV at their desired price.

Matcha is a DEX aggregator built by 0x where you can easily trade CRV along with 25+ other tokens. Limit orders are free to place and will not incur any trading fees.

Creating a limit order

Visit the CRV/USDC pair on Matcha at this address:

Make sure to avoid market orders as low liquidity could result in sub-optimal pricing. Enter how much you wish to buy or sell, enter your price and click "Review Limit Order". Make sure to check the depth on the left part of the screen to see what is currently considered a fair price for CRV.

You will then need to approve a transaction to let Matcha spend your USDC and you will then be prompted to sign a transaction.

Matcha uses 0x to place limit orders, after you sign the transaction, your limit order is now placed.

On the left part of the screen, you can now see your open order (if it wasn't immediately executed).

Cancelling your limit order

If you want to modify or cancel your limit order, you can do so from this link:

On the left part of the screen, you can click the cross to cancel your order. This will require you to confirm and pay for a transaction.

If you have any other questions or need help, join our community: