CRV is Curve Finance native governance and utility token. If you wish to learn about what CRV is, please click here for the launch announcement.

Claiming your vested tokens (pre-launch LP)

If you have provided liquidity on Curve before the launch, you can claim your CRV from this page:

Those tokens are vested progressively over the next year and you can find out on the above page how much you have received over the past few months and see how much you can currently claim. CRV are vested every block so you can claim as often or as little as you wish. The Unvested tokens row will show you how much you can claim right now.

When you are ready to claim, simply click on the Claim button at the bottom of the page.

Earning and claiming your CRV (current liquidity provider)

To earn CRV, you need to provide liquidity on any of the Curve Finance pools.

If you wish to find out about how to deposit into a pool, you can find guides to deposit into most pools by clicking here.

After depositing, you receive a counter party liquidity provider token. Those tokens are a wrapped representation of ownership of your deposit in the pool. For example, the Y pool has a token called yUSDC+yUSDT+yDAI+yTUSD (commonly known as yCRV).

If you are staking those tokens on Mintr, a Balancer pool, it is important to understand that you will not be earning CRV after launch as those tokens need to be staked through Curve.

The reason behind this is that you need to be staking your LP tokens through Curve to earn CRV.

If you are staking your LP tokens on Mintr

Go to the following link:

Click "Deposit". Confirm all the transactions until your LP balance is shown in the gauge. Your LP tokens will be automatically staked back on Mintr for you so you can keep earning your Mintr (SNX or SNX/REN) incentives as well as CRV.

If you are having trouble with the above, please manually unstake your LP tokens from withdraw page and go stake on the link above.

Once staking in the gauge, your SNX rewards need to be claimed from the gauge itself and not the Curve withdraw page as previously.

Your rewards on Mintr or on the Curve DAO can be left unclaimed as long as you wish. They do not expire.

If you are staking your LP tokens elsewhere

Unstake your LP tokens and go the following link:

Click deposit and check your balance is showing on the gauge.

If you are not staking your LP tokens

Go to the following link:

Click deposit and check your balance is showing on the gauge.

How to increase your CRV rewards by vote locking?

Find out about vote locking by clicking here. Please note vote locking will start on the 28th of August 2020.

Are some pools better than others for CRV?

Some pools have different weights which means they will receive more CRV for every dollar in liquidity provided. On top of this, each gauge type (this is where you deposit your liquidity provider tokens) also can have different weights.

Pool and gauge type weights can be changed via Curve DAO proposal.

To find out how much each pool is currently yielding in CRV, please refer to the bottom of our homepage:

When will CRV rewards end?

CRV rewards will continue for years to come but the inflation rate will decrease over time.

When can I claim CRV?

You can claim CRV as often as you want to. Your rewards do not expire either.

How can I get started providing liquidity and earn CRV?

The first step would be to click here to read our starter guide to get a good idea of how Curve Finance works. You can also read this guide if you're not sure which pool is right for you.

There are guides on how to provide liquidity in several pools on this very blog:

If you have any other questions or need help, join our community: